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HOGFAN Hospitality is your go-to team, your first point of contact when visiting us. This Department exists to serve all visitors and Partners with a spirit of excellence and friendliness, by the grace and favour that God has imparted.


HOGFAN Hospitality seeks to provide a welcoming atmosphere to those coming to HOGFAN, whether it is for a church service, conference, or special event. The teams that make up this department have the aim to help make your time an enjoyable, life changing and empowering experience. Our goal is to make everyone feel special irrespective of background or culture. We ensure that all needs are met, questions are answered and that you feels at home and amongst family in your stay.


HOGFAN Hospitality consists of three different teams:


Distinct Cuisine
The culinary and catering aspect of HOGFAN; providing delicious and excellent entrees, appetizers and meals for special events.

Aid On Call
Providing follow-up to visitors and new comers, hospital visits to the sick/infirm, and home visits.


From House to Home Transportation Services
Providing transport to and from HOGFAN for those who are in need of help to attend.

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