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Women of Distinction is a ministry birthed within Pastor Eunice Landu, with the commission to raise and equip women who are empowered to be the pillars of the Body of Christ and to walk in their God-given destiny.


As we understand at House of Grace, that you cannot build a strong church without strong women. It is a repeated, demonstrated instance in the Word of God that women, named and unnamed, were intensely involved in the work of the Kingdom.


This is especially shown in II Kings 4:8 and 9, where the Shunnamite woman set aside a place for the man of God and also the blessing of God to be able to lodge and remain in her house. Jesus sets the example of the importance of women in the ministry. We see this in Luke 8:1-3; the ministry of Jesus had women who supported Him out of their own means.


In 2016, the Spirit of God inspired Pastor Eunice to establish a movement from Women of Distinction called She's All That & More . This movement was created to empower women in their purpose, letting them know that there is nothing they cannot do or face. Based on the woman of Matthew 13:35 and Proverbs 31, a 'She's All That Woman' is a woman who is able to use her God given talents, manage her every day roles in excellence, balance their faith in God and inspire others to do the same. Through conference galas, luncheons, vendor displays and more, the She's All That & More Women's Conference are a unique and profound encounter with Jesus and other women for all women to receive.

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